Fauna & flora

At Lijsternest, we want to establish a truly ecological project. No greenwashing here, we do not only diminish our ecological footprint, we make our environment more diverse, we stock carbon in our soils, we use no pesticides at all, not even one drip of cupper or sulphur, we do not disturb our soils, in fact, we never eliminate one thing, instead, we add other things. Every season, we plant a mix of annual plants, to produce food for the soil. Above soil, we try to make fauna and flora as diverse as possible. Hedges everywhere to create a closed habitat, so everyone can breed and hunt ad libitum. Bats for instance eat big quantities of insects, but never in an open field because they need an echo shield for their oriƫntation. The result is an extremely resilient habitat that produces extremely healthy and complex grapes in regular quantities.

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